Things To Consider Before Buying A Lift

Whether you are looking to have a lift installed in a residential, professional or industrial property there are certain things that you must consider before picking out your lift and setting things in motion. We have identified our 4 most important factors to consider when shopping for your ideal home lift, platform lift or access lift.

Why? –

Seems very obvious to say but, why are you wanting the lift in the first place? Are you looking for a lift to take people up different flights of stairs in an apartment block? Is it a lift to assist the less abled and intended for wheelchair users? Or is it a goods only lift intended for heavy stock or machinery to be transferred to different floors? There are many reasons to want a lift and all require different considerations before buying. Knowing as much information about the property as possible will really help get a clear understanding of your space and capacity to narrow down your lift search. 

Size –

It is advised that you consult the expertise of a professional in order to choose the most suitable elevator for your property. After all, an elevator isn’t a small piece of machinery, you need to take into consideration the amount of space that you have to work with. Since the cab is the largest component, it needs to be able to move safely and securely. In addition to this, you will also have to take into consideration whether or not you want a machine room as these require extra space above the elevator shaft.

Capacity –

This links back to why you want the lift in the first place. If your reason for wanting a lift is primarily for disabled access then your capacity requirements will be a lot different to an apartment block lift. Generally, speaking, a standard elevator in a low-rise building can hold anywhere from 2,000 – 2,500 lbs. The larger the building, the more capacity it will normally have.

Safety – 

The safety element of any lift that you are having installed should be of paramount importance. Especially If the lifts main purpose it carrying people. You must ensure that the area you want the lift to go into is safe and secure with as minimal obstacles as possible. Your lift surveyor will double check everything and make sure the area is right for what you’re after. But it can’t hurt to familiarise yourself with the parameters as it might save you a bit of time and will help you if anything goes wrong with the lift in the future.

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A new era of mobility in buildings!

Imagine increasing lift capacity and optimising traffic while reducing the system’s weight and footprint. Imagine freeing tall building design from the constraints imposed by conventional lifts.

That’s what we’ve done with MULTI, the world’s first rope-free lift. By moving multiple cars in a single shaft vertically and horizontally, MULTI opens the door to new possibilities – in all directions!

MULTI ensures:

  • Shorter waiting times
  • Significantly increased capacity
  • A smaller lift footprint
  • Substantially reduced lift weight and mass

MULTI leverages the power of linear motor technology to usher in a new era of mobility in tall buildings and urban centers alike.

This technology is not yet available to be installed yet, but in the meantime we at A1 Access Lifts do have ThyssenKrupp products available. The Supra Linea Incline Platform lift is extremely popular and the perfect mobility solution for small staircases, both straight and curved. Visit our products page to find out more – 

Latest Repair Job

Before/after pictures from our latest repair job – 2 replacement arms, 2 actuators and arm linkage and springs. Serviced, cleaned and polished and now as good as the day it was installed 👍🏻 ✅

Scarborough Platform Lift

Another successful job completed in Scarborough. Old lift taken out and a new Incline Platform Lift installed. Left with client to finish up their paint work ✅

A1 Access Lifts & Aritco Form New Distribution Partnership!

A1 Access Lifts are delighted to announce the agreement of a new distribution partnership with Swedish platform lift manufacturer Aritco Lift AB.

Founded in 1995, Aritco are devoted to opening up possibilities for everyone. The comprehensive Aritco range speaks for itself and offers sleek and stylish solutions for the home and public markets. With over 35,000 units currently in service throughout the world, it’s easy to see why they are market leader in the platform lift industry.

The new partnership enables A1 Access Lifts to confidently distribute the full Aritco range of products to the UK residential, commercial, and industrial markets. The vision of the two organisations are aligned in our collective dedication to independent living and assisting the less abled.

Manufactured to the highest quality in Sweden, in a state of the art facility, the range of products are fully compliant with the machinery directive.

A1 Access Lifts are able to provide a full turnkey package to ensure a smooth customer experience, managed by experienced industry professionals.

For further details on the full Aritco range and bringing this high end, space saving range of products in to your premises, please contact us for a quick turn-around quotation.

Further information on Aritco, and other active partnerships of A1 Access Lifts please see our website at or call our offices on 01535 612163