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Case Studies



Lift Type - Aritco HomeLift     |     No of Floors - 3     |     Model - S12

Top floor living space was the key with this project. Our client came to us for early engagement in the new build process of their beautiful new home in Homlfirth, a very quaint little village in Huddersfield. This was to go from the Garage Level, up through the Bedroom Level on the first floor, to the Living Area on the top floor of the property.

With the colour scheme and theme of the design, the Aritco HomeLift (S12) was the perfect fit for the property and provided stunning aesthetics as you can appreciate by the photograph.

Throughout the journey of the build, we were fully engaged with the customer to ensure that the process was smooth and the client was 100% satisfied in the process.

The unit now stays on portfolio with us for service and maintenance for the 5 year duration of the warranty period, so we look forward to looking after this unit and seeing it become an integral part of the new home for the client.



Lift Type - Aritco Public Lift Access     |     No of Floors - 2     |     Model - 1100 x 1480

We were invited to tender for a new lift within a garden centre in Leeds, where they had installed a brand new mezzanine to the café area within the garden centre, however had no form of vertical transportation access to the upper level.

The Aritco Public Lift Access was the prefect solution for this environment and now allows anyone with reduced mobility to take in the sights from the upper level of the garden centre with views throughout.

As you can see from the photo's - creative imagery and flowers were added to the unit following handover to make it even further become an active feature within the garden centre.

The unit was added on to a bulk contract, and handovers were successfully completed with the incumbent service provider. Being local to us, we look forward to seeing the unit in full flow on busy days as the garden centre gets busy again following refurbishment.



Lift Type - Motala     |     No of Floors - 3     |     Model - MC2000

We were invited, following a stairlift survey by our sister company A1 Stairlifts, to attend a property in Leicester to meet with a lovely couple to discuss the potential of bringing a lift into their property to assist with movement of the end client who had mobility issues.

The stairlift solution wouldn't have been the right solution for the customer, therefore following a survey and discussion with the client, we fully understood their need for a vertical platform lift and associated builders work as a turnkey offering.

The nature of this project lead us immediately towards the Aritco Home Lift Access. Due to it's automated double door arrangement, it would be the prefect fit for the customer.

The lift location was to go from the dining area of a large living / dining room, up to the 3rd bedroom. We fully glazed one side of the lift downstairs in tinted glazing to ensure that the lift didn't appear to take over the living space completely, and the added benefit of the mirror within the lift made it feel a very spacious solution.

The client was overjoyed on handover of the lift and has informed us that the lift installation has definitely transformed both their lives.

The unit now stays on portfolio with us for service and maintenance for the duration of the warranty period, so we look forward to seeing it being a large contributor to changing lives further in the years to come.



Lift Type - Vimec     |     No of Floors - 4     |     Model - E10 Cabin Lift

We were invited to have early engagement in to the planning phase of the new build of this beautiful property in Brighouse, West Yorkshire.

Following a sit down discussion with the client and review of the plans, over 4 floors, the Vimec E10 solution was perfect for this property.

The specification of the build was increadibly high, and at the request of the customer, we were asked to make the rear panel of the lift car scenic, to allow viewing of a rear shaft vinyl wall wrap the full height of the shaft. Giving the lift car a wonderful open feel.

The living quarters was on the upper floor, and the lift took the client from the ground floor garage level, up through the living quarters to the bedrooms at the top. Therefore the lift was a key piece of the build to assist with vertical movement within the property.

We were working to a tight deadline to get this lift installed for a critical date for the client, and handing over the week before this deadline due to the hard work of everyone involved, ensured that the client was delighted on handover of the unit.

This unit now sits on portfolio with us for regular service and maintenance with call out coverage during the warranty period. This, giving the client complete peace of mind that should anything go wrong with the lift, we are here to ensure quick response to issues to keep the lift running at optimum performance in this beautiful home.



Lift Type - Stepless by Guldmann     |     No of Floors - 2     |     Model - LP7+

A local community centre came to us, in order to discuss bringing access for people with reduced mobility down to the lower level performance and entertaining area of a local community centre.

With a travel measurement around 1200mm, the LP7+ from the Stepless by Guldmann range was the perfect fit.

Following meetings on site with the builder, we agreed that an old DJ booth would be removed from the area where the lift would be best suited and this enabled us to seamlessly install the lift within that space, without taking any additional space.

The community centre can now actively promote the use of the performance and entertaining area for anyone, not just people without mobility issues.

The unit is now part of our service and maintenance portfolio and we undertake regular maintenance on the unit, whilst being here to offer 24/7 call out coverage in case of an emergency breakdown.



Lift Type - Aritco     |     No of Floors - 2     |     Model - Home Lift Access

We were invited, through a lift consultant and local council to tender for a replacement 3 floor platform lift at an NHS drop in centre in Halifax.

Replacing a very old platform lift, the specification called for a Motala MC2000 chain driven solution. As you can see, the Motala fits seamlessly into the existing environment.

This project called for a complete turn key package down to all making good etc. which we were delighted to be able to offer.

The project was completed on time, on budget  and fully specification compliant, with no hidden deviations. The full on site work took around 1 week to complete, including the relevant witness testing.

The new lift ensured the vertical transportation was as smooth as it had been in a long time and the handover of the new lift was very well received all round.

Following the initial 12 month warranty period, the unit was added on to a bulk contract, and the relevant joint handovers and inspections were successfully completed with the incumbent service provider.



Lift Type - TKE Altura     |     No of Floors - 2     |     Model - LP7+

One of our trade partners came to us to visit site and carry out a full replacement of an existing platform lift. The specification at the time called for an external hydraulic offering.

With a travel measurement around 4000mm, the Altura Platinum from the AccessBDD range of cabin lifts was the perfect solution..

In special RAL (anthracite grey) the new lift fits seamlessly into the external environment for movement between two levels with smoked glazing to the front and side of the lift structure.

The end customer and trade partner of ours were very please overall with the fulfilment of the specification and the upgrade of the lift has been well received all round..

With this unit being trade partner led, the unit was added on to a bulk contract for the site, and we provide a 12 month parts warranty and are here should there be any issues along the way during the first 12 months in service.

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